My story of sailing the ocean of Microsoft Technologies

This February is special! The awesome month marks the completion of my decade and a half long stint in the corporate IT world. The small peddle boat of my corporate sailing started on the shores with hardcore programming on Microsoft .NET 1.1 framework. It required lots and lots of efforts to achieve something like an end user rearranging the columns of a grid control by dragging and dropping, which is perhaps 10 seconds of job in today’s low-code/ no-code dominant era. And those night-outs in the office cubicle with hundreds of sips of machine coffee still gave a huge gratification. Those were also the days when we learned – In any software, for any kind of behaviour, there is no magic, only logic. 🙂

But as they say, technology is nothing in itself, it is just a medium to solve business problems, tackle industry challenges. Keeping that philosophy in mind, the inclination was to always understand the business processes, domain and functional aspects of code-on-the-run. And this pursuit, soon sent the boat on the business applications space. It has now been around a decade on the Bizapps journey as well, and you know what, the sailing gets exciting every single day…..!

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Acquaintance’s Thoughts

Akhilesh is one of that rare breed of down to earth software guys that knows his stuff technically, but can talk to non IT people as well. Technically sound, passionately committed and always a pleasure to be around, Akhilesh is nobody’s “yes man” – he’ll challenge things and think outside the box.


In addition to desired technical skills; Akhilesh also possess good business acumen. A trouble-shooter that can easily fit across functional areas. Akhilesh has helped to establish ERP product in the market. Has the ability to execute projects within the laid objectives & limits


Akhilesh has worked as the applications expert in a new venture, which has been to establish an ERP/MRP vendor business in India. He has worked well as part of a small team and has made good use of his technical skills whilst simultaneously developing as the manufacturing applications consultant.


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